Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses: What type is best for you?

Wearing contact lenses is a great option to correct your vision, but, not every set of eyes is the same. Our doctors can offer the best lens that suits your lifestyle. We have many options, such as multifocal lenses, lenses with transitions, daily disposable, extended wear, overnight, and CRT. Schedule your appointment today to find your best fit!

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Considering Contact Lenses?

If you are trying new lenses, or a first time contact lens wearer, it may take time to get used to putting the lenses in and wearing them daily. It's common for patients to try several different types of contact lenses before finding the correct fit. Whether new to wearing lenses, or a seasoned wearer, you'll want to take proper care of your lenses. Always wash your hands before inserting or removing your contact lenses. Properly clean and store your lenses as directed by the doctor. Use fresh solution, never water, to clean and manage your contact lenses. Avoid sleeping in your lenses unless your doctor has approved or prescribed nightly wear. Be sure to schedule your annual eye exam to maintain good eye health and keep your contact lens prescription current!

We also highly encourage the purchase of your contact lenses through our office. The scariest thing about purchasing online is that you don't know if they are coming from a safe, verified source. Our practice does its best to provide the fairest prices possible for safe contact lenses. We also encourage you to purchase an annual supply of contact lenses in order to take advantage of the possible discounts or money-back rebates! With an annual supply, you also get peace of mind knowing that a fresh lens is avaiable; no need to wait on an additional order or exam with the doctor. Ask us for more details today!

Types of Contact Lenses:

There are many different options to choose from when being fitted for contact lenses. View the video below to learn about the different types and fits that best suit your needs. If you are interested in a specific brand of lenses, please call us to determine availability!

Now Available! ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions Light Intelligent Technology.           Squint less, See more!

This new lens seamlessly adapts to light around you for all-day soothing vision. It knows to adapt in moments when you're bothered by bright light, like going outdoors from dark interiors, playing sports in changing light conditions, or adjusting to digital screens. Reduce the stressful impact light can have on your eyes with these award winning transition lenses. 

Transition Lenses

Proper Contact Lens Handling:

Proper preparation, insertion, and removal of lenses will ensure good eye health. Always wash your hands with fragrant-free soap before handling your contact lenses, and follow the steps provided in the videos below to create good habits for contact lens handling!

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