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Vision Rehabilitation

Low Vision Services

Low vision services are provided to individuals with reduced visual acuity or visual field deficit that are not correctable by conventional spectacles, contact lenses or surgery. These individuals are often told that "nothing more can be done" for them and are at risk of spiraling into depression due to their loss of independence and ability to perform daily activities. However, even individuals with severe to total vision loss can maintain an active and independent lifestyle with adaptive technology, vision aids and proper training.

The practice of low vision rehabilitation empowers doctors of optometry to maximize their patient's function, independence, and overall health. These services help patients move beyond the belief that "nothing more can be done" for their vision loss.

-American Optometric Association

An essential component of optometry and healthcare

Optometrists trained in Vision Rehabilitation are a crucial part of the care team for patients suffering from low vision, brain injuries and vision impairments that cannot be corrected by refractive, medical or surgical treatments.

Dr. Krug has 30 years of experience working with visually impaired adults and children. He is a participating eye doctor for the KanLOVKids program, which provides regional low vision evaluations for students in the western third of Kansas for the Kansas State School for the Blind. Dr Krug currently serves on the Governor’s Advisory Committee for the Blind and Visually Impaired. He has also participated and served as a clinical site for National Eye Institute sponsored low vision research projects.

Types of Low Vision Aids

Our office can prescribe and fit a wide range of optical and electronic vision enhancing devices. While these cannot restore vision to normal, they can allow improvement in the functional ability to read, view a television and see more detail at distance.

It is important to note that everyone’s visual impairment is different even if it is due to the same eye disease. A functional low vision evaluation is the starting point to determine the level of impairment and prescribe the proper vision aid for a particular task.

Our office can prescribe and dispense a wide variety of optical and electronic vision aids.

Optical magnifiers for near and distance needs.







Our office is the only distributor for IRIS Vision in western Kansas. This innovative electronic aid is head worn utilizing a virtual reality headset and and camera/display system. Iris Vision allows for hand-free electronic magnification at all distances utilizing autofocus technology.

Iris Vision

Krug Optometry - Low Vision Resource Center

Stop by our expanded Low Vision Resource Center where you can experience all the above technology.

Dr. Krug sees low vision patients by referral from your current eye doctor. We also see visually impaired patients receiving services through Veterans Administration, Kansas Rehabilitation Services (KS Department of Children and Families) and the Kansas State School for the Blind.

If you have more specific questions on low vision rehabilitation, please contact our office. 

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