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Low Vision Rehabilitation

Dr. Kendall Krug specializes in Low Vision Rehabilitation (LVR). Many times, the patient has been diagnosed with a permanent visual impairment that cannot be corrected with regular glasses, surgery, or other medical treatment. The purpose of LVR is to evaluate your remaining vision and teach you different ways in which you can effectively use it. 

Come visit our recently remodeled Low Vision Center featuring new and used electronic vision aides, optical magnifiers for near and distance, and non-optical independent living aids. 


Dr. Krug will present you with three different ways to help you use your remaining vision.

1. Learning to use your better seeing eye through specific eye movement skills.

2. Using alternative methods to perform certain tasks. These may include better lighting, high contrast/enlarged print, and auditory techniques.

3. Using special optical devices such as magnifiers, spectacle microscopes and telescopes. These may improve your ability to see fine detail, but due to the high powers involved, special fitting and training is required for optimum performance.

Low Vision Aids

Our low vision aids range from handheld magnifiers to closed circuit TV Systems. We offer large-faced watches, cards, calculators, etc. Our magnifiers range in size and power. Our electronic aids include Enhanced Vision Systems, Pulse Data, Telesensory, etc. Our Low Vision Clinic is now dispensing the new IrisVision wearable low vision aid . Experience magnification for near and distance tasks with autofocus simplicity, and restore life's limitless possibilities. Click on the link below to learn more about our newest product! 
Iris Vision

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